PP woven bags are made by weaving the ribbon-like filaments that are formed by extruding and stretching, weaving and knitting the polypropylene resin, the main raw material of PP woven bags. PP is the main raw material for making feed bags. It is a kind of translucent and semi-crystalline thermoplastic plastic, which has the characteristics of high strength, good insulation, low water absorption, high thermal forming temperature, low density and high crystallinity. Materials such as glass fiber, mineral filler and thermoplastic rubber are usually used as modified fillers.

The production technology of PP woven bags: Woven rolls is printed, cut and sewed into woven bags. Depending on the device used, the cloth can be cut before being printed or can be printed before being cut. Automatic sewing can complete printing, cutting, sewing and other procedures continuously. Other kinds of bags such as valve bags and bottom bags can also be made by this technology. Flat fabrics can be made into bags by bonding the middle seam.

The production technology of composite PP woven bags is to composite or coat the weave fabric, coating material and paper or film together. The roll cloth or sheet cloth obtained can be cut, printed, sewn and made into common sewing bottom bags, and can also be punched, folded, cut, printed, sewn and made into cement bags. The obtained sheet cloth can be bonded, printed, cut, pasted to make sticking bottom bags, and can also be welded and rolled to make waterproof cloth and geotextiles. Plain weave fabrics can be used to produce tarpaulins and geotextiles with or without being coated. Reel cloth can also be used to produce tarpaulins and geotextiles with or without being coated through the production technology of PP woven bags and the process of polymer materials.

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Woven Polypropylene Bags: The Complete Guide
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